Costumes - Accessories

Below is a portion of Chameleon's range of Accessories. 

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Indian Arm Band


Indian Necklace

Indian Feather  Earrings

Indian Choker

Large men's choker

Indian Arm Band


Indian Choker


Indian Bracelet



Indian Bracelet


Bullet Belt
Plastic bullets on belt

Indian Medicine Bag

Perfect accessory for phone, keys...

Big Gem Ring
 Red, green, yellow, purple, blue and clear

Flapper Beads

Natural colour long strand of fake pearls

Pocket Watch

Peace Jewelry Set

Harry Potter Tie
This tie is the perfect finishing touch to your Harry Potter costume

Harry Potter Wand
This realistic looking plastic wand is a Harry Potter licensed product. 

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Brilliant range, we came in on Friday to sort out costumes for supanova there was ALOT to pick from and I managed to dress both my partner and child! The young man working was friendly and knowledgeable; would highly recommend!

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