Below is a portion of Chameleon's range of Masks. 

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Horse Head Mask


Clown Mask

Soft latex 

Old Woman Mask

Moving mouth

Old Man Mask

Moving mouth

Sugar Skull
White plaster with green, red

and black paint

Sugar Skull
White plaster mask with black paint

Sugar Skull  
Black plaster mask with silver paint


Sugar Skull

Day of the Dead Mask
White plaster with pink and mauve flowers

Day of the Dead
White plaster mask with black and purple flowers

Day of the Dead Mask
White plaster with black and red flowers

Prom Masquarade

Available in; red, pink and


Day of the Dead Mask
Ivory mask with coloured decorations and coloured flowers on top.

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Brilliant range, we came in on Friday to sort out costumes for supanova there was ALOT to pick from and I managed to dress both my partner and child! The young man working was friendly and knowledgeable; would highly recommend!

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